We manufacture high quality, purpose made wooden pivot doors and pivot frames with the type of wood of the client’s choice. All our products are made from kiln dried timber. The pivot doors can also be fitted in to the frame in the factory.

The term factory fitted means that we assemble the door into the frame (with threshold) with the Pivot kit (top centre, bottom pivot and the lock). In the case of standard decorated pivot doors, the outside handle is also included in the factory fitted price.

Door frames can be manufactured with or without a threshold. We also manufacture custom size pivot doors as requested by the client.

Our pivot doors are available in various designs, from panel pivot doors to decorated pivot doors. Custom pivot designs are also available as supplied by the client.

The pivot kit consists out of a very durable solid brass bottom pivot plate with a bearing, an adjustable top centre and a lock. The locks that are used are a combination deadlock and adjustable roller. No handles will be fitted unless it is a standard decorated pivot door where the outside wooden handle is part of the decoration.

All pivot doors are treated with one coat of Rystix Timbacare exterior sealer. On the site three more coats of high quality exterior sealer should be applied by the customer.

Glazing done by others.


Pivot Doors and Frames

Our pivot doors are made in three standard sizes:

  1. (1200 x 2032)

  1. (1500 x 2032)

  1. (1800 x 2032)

Our door frame sizes are:

  1. (1286 x 2107)

  1. (1586 x 2107)

  1. (1886 x 2107)