We manufacture high quality, purpose made wooden doors and door frames with the type of wood of the client’s choice. All our products are made from kiln dried Timber.

All our wooden doors are made by using the strong and proven mortise and tenon joints.

In the case of glass doors, the doors will be provided with glazing beads. The glazing beads are cut and fitted and is part of the product.

When manufacturing wooden panel doors, we provide the panels with silicone which assists in the evenly expansion and shrinkage of the wooden panel.

All our products are treated with a first coat of Rystix Timbacare Exterior Sealer. Three  more coats to be done on the terrain with a good quality exterior sealer of the customers choice.

Glazing done by others.


Quality Wooden Doors and Frames

We manufacture standard size wooden doors:

  1. (813 x 2032)

  1. (1206 x 2032)

  1. (1511 x 2032)

  1. (1613 x 2032)

  1. Custom wooden doors.