Nardus Stegmann realised by the second half of 1993, that the big door factory, in Louis Trichardt,  where he has worked since 1984 and qualified at as an artisan, was not going to exist for much longer.

Stegmann Houtprodukte - Woodworks CC was established in January 1994 with the idea to open a well equipped factory where quality purpose made wooden products would be manufactured for the building industry.

Slowly but surely, over the years the small workshop of 245m² grew to a factory of 2300m² situated in the Industrial area of Louis Trichardt., with a staff of ± 35. The factory has a large number of machines with more than one of a kind. We are also equipped to sharpen all our own tools, to make profile cutters and to do maintenance. This enables us to deal with large volumes of work and to provide good service. We work a 45 hour workweek, from 07:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, which makes it possible for us to effectively work overtime on Saturdays if needed.

Although purpose made wooden products are our strong point and we work with purpose made production on a daily basis, we do have a wide range of standard products.

We believe that a home is built for a lifetime and thus we still use the old and proven mortise and tennon joint method to manufacture our products. This means that we need more machines, more labour and more space to be able to manufacture our products, but the strength and quality of the end product makes it thoroughly worthwhile.


Stegmann Factory