We manufacture quality, purpose made wooden garage doors using kiln dried solid Meranti. As all our other products the garage doors are also made with the strong mortise and tennon joints.

All the panels are bedded in silicone to prevent water damage. The garage doors are made to daylight opening sizes that is supplied by the customer.

After we have manufactured the door, the door is weighed and all necessary information is the given to the manufacturers of the hardware, in order for us to supply the customer with a properly balanced door.

This assures a balanced door and easy operation. If the door is motorized it also assures that the motor is not under strain, and will last longer.

T – handles for manual operation, and garage door operators are optional extras that can be supplied to the customer.

Find below useful information on all the different dimensions that are needed for us to ensure that the door is the right size and that the right hardware is supplied to the customer.


Stegmann Garage Doors

All garage doors are treated with a first coat of Rystix Exterior Sealer. On the terrain three more coats of a good quality exterior sealer should be applied by the customer.

Standard designs for single, five sectional garage doors:

  1. # 10 Panel

  2. # 20 Panel

  3. # Horizontal slatted

Standard designs for double, five sectional garage doors:

  1. # 20 Panel

  2. # 40 Panel

  3. # Horizontal slatted