We manufacture quality, purpose made wooden window frames with the type of wood of the client’s choice. The window frames can be manufactured in the “ ELITE “ or the “ STANDARD PLUS” series.

The “ ELITE “ series window

frames is a heavier construction window that will  be fitted with solid brass friction hinges and handles and is made by using the strong, proven mortise and tenon joint method.

The ‘ STANDARD PLUS “ series, as the “ ELITE “ series, is also made by using the mortise and tenon joint method. Although the “ STANDARD

PLUS “ series is a lighter construction window, it is as it’s name states, a better window than the average “ low – cost “ construction type windows that is available in the market.

The  “ ELITE “ and “STANDARD PLUS” series consists of a top water drip and a sill at the bottom of the window, all

machined from one solid piece of wood and not nailed on as commonly found.

The “ ELITE “ as well as the “ STANDARD PLUS “  series can also be provided with a wooden sliding screen as an optional extra that consists of fibre gauze and will be supplied with a 20mm solid brass knob. The windows can, as another optional extra, also be constructed with burglar proofing

that is made from standard (10mm x 10mm) square bar.

Glazing done by others.


Stegmann Windows and Frames

Some Stegmann Windows and Frames

Stegmann Sealing Products

Superior long life deep penetrating UV protective sealer for all exterior timber directly or indirectly exposed to weather and strong sunlight - BENEFITS: - Will not flake or peel – unlike varnishes; exceptional coverage (approx.10m2 per liter per coat); easy refurbishment – no sanding or scraping; surface protection against fungus, dry-rot & insects; can be applied over most timber preservatives; e.g. Tannalith (CCA), Creosote (Carbolineum), etc; unique catalyst (AFS) may be added for increased toughness & wear resistance.